In an Angular application you might need to run some checks before allowing the user to navigate to or away from a page. That’s where Angular Guards come into play.

The picture below displays how guards work. A user is trying to navigate in the application, but before allowing navigation…

Great article Dewaun!

This line of code:

table$: Observable<Table["table"]>;

made me wonder why you didn't just define it: table$: Observable<Array<Row>>;

as it's basically an array of rows. I'm a big fan of accessing properties as Table.table because if you refactor the name, you will get the errors in compile time instead of run time. Friendly review :)

Step by step guide: Application using NestJs and Angular

Just a few days before Christmas I came along with NestJs framework. Always wanted to give a try to NodeJs development, but the idea of a javascript backend seemed to keep me away.

NestJs is a framework for building Node.js server…

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